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Office 11211 is now part of the UPS Access Point network in Brooklyn, NY

If you hate missing UPS deliveries when you're not at home, or need to drop off a pre-paid shipment, Office 11211 in Brooklyn, NY is your solution.

As an official location for the UPS Access Point network, Office 11211 will sign for your inbound UPS packages when you're not at home and keep them safe and secure until you pick them up.

So, have no fear when ordering online when your shipment is coming from UPS. If you are not home, the UPS driver will leave a note to let you know the package will be at Office 11211 in Brooklyn, NY

Office 11211 in Brooklyn, NY is also an official "Drop-Off" location for UPS, so if you have a pre-labeled UPS shipment, just drop it off at you're convenience and UPS will pick it up from here.

The MailRoom @ Office 11211

Our UPS Access Point is located across the street from our store in the MiniMall.
The hours of operation are Mon - Fri from 11am - 7:50pm & Sat from 11am to 6:50pm.
To verify that your package is actually here and available to be picked up please track your UPS shipment, at our Tracking Page.
We can not give you any information on the phone and you MUST have proper identification to pick up the package.

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